Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Parting Glass Released

New Book From Indie Author Katherine Lampe

Katherine Lampe's new book, "The Parting Glass," is a must read as the latest addition to her Caitlin Ross series. 
Transpiring before the events of Katherine's previous works, it tells the tale of how Caitlin and Timber first came together and how the supernatural crime-fighting duo solved their first case together. It was an awesome read I couldn't put down...as Katherine can attest to, lol. 

"Caitlin Ross is content with her life as the owner of a metaphysical shop in Boulder, Colorado. And although she doesn’t advertise her arcane abilities as a witch, she isn’t averse to applying them in good cause. When a Lakota medicine man with a drinking problem begs for Caitlin’s help, she has reason enough to get involved. But before she can do anything, he vanishes, leaving Caitlin with nothing but questions.

Soon after, a stranger from Scotland appears on Caitlin’s doorstep, seeking news of the missing shaman. His insistence and his refusal to share any information about his purpose rouse Caitlin’s suspicions: is this Timber MacDuff what he seems? Or does he represent the very dark power the absent shaman was trying to avoid?

For anyone who has wanted to hear the story of Caitlin and Timber’s first encounter, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. "

Go now and read it! 

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